Sisters and Cinnamon

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been a major copy cat of my older sister. I loved it when she did a purge of her closet and I got first pick.  When I was 7, I wanted glasses, just so I could take them off and clean them on my shirt like she did. (After I got glasses, this desire quickly wore off.) My computer use from the time I was 12 was almost exclusively limited to the same things she did, then 17. I started blogging in part because she did.

These earrings are a result of my copy catting. For years, my sister has made beautiful things out of wire and beads.  I didn’t really try it out with any confidence that I could do it until a few years ago, the winter semester of 2007, to be exact.  I was on co-op at the time, living in a horrible basement apartment with a girl I couldn’t stand in a city I couldn’t warm up to.  I think the fiddly bits of this pair and the other I made that semester kept me sane.

I haven’t made any of these in a long time, and for the most part, the ones I made have been lost or broken.  Part of that is because I just don’t wear jewelry often, so I can’t justify spending an hour per earring on a pretty bauble that’s just going to cause clutter, hanging from lamp shades and tangled in my rarely opened jewelry box.

To a large extent, I’ve grown out of my copy catting too.  When I picked my university program, I picked something that was the polar opposite from what she was doing (her Math to my English). Since she’s been in a different province, our choices are taking us down very different paths.  She’s turning almost hippy; me, less so (I hate biking, and I like my car, especially on rainy days like today).  We’re becoming very different people.

I think we would both agree that’s a good thing.


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