The maiden voyage of the ASICS

I took my new ASICS for a run last night. It was a tough run for a couple reasons:

1. I started off way too excited about my new shoes, so when I left my house to jog to my boyfriends house to collect him, I took the 0.5km way to fast and arrived winded and already tired. Got to rest some while he finished his supper, but still.

2. We started with the huge hill.  I barely made it up.  I can usually make it up with only some difficulty, but this time, it nearly defeated me.

3. My neighbourhood is extremely hilly.  That, and it all looks the same, so you come around a curve and you think you’re going to hit a landmark, but all you see is another curve and your landmark is probably two or three curves away. It’s hard, thinking you’re almost at the end all the time when you really aren’t.

4. (Whine warning) I’m siiiiick.  Okay, today I’m feeling whiny about it.  Yesterday I was doing OK. I believe I have strep throat, but I haven’t had it diagnosed properly by a proper doctor or anything. But, it’s been causing me pain for the past 9 days now and there is a white spot right at the back of my throat, glistening in a way that only bacteria can glisten. It’s obviously not extremely sever. I can still eat and talking isnt difficult, though every time I swallow I have to think about it a little and it huuurts. I thought it was pretty much gone yesterday, but it ended up slowing my down quite a bit on the run. And I guess I weakened my immune system just enough to let the disease make some gains again overnight.

Anyway, enough about my whining about my lack of physical fitness.  The shoes!

Were comfortable. Almost extremely so except that I tied one of them way too tight and so my toes went numb. And, while running with my old pair of shoes, I injured my feet slightly, so my arches hurt. I could still feel it last night in the new shoes, but I suspect that’s just something I have to allow to heal. Today, my feet are blister free and happy. As much as feet can be happy…


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