If only…

Erin Dress-A-Day posted the most beautiful pattern for a wedding dress today. She claims it is not a dress for a 20-something bride, but I have to disagree.  At some point in the next 8 years, I hope to be a 20-something bride and I would wear that dress in a heartbeat. With a few modern updates, perhaps.  Or not.

Currently, there is no plan for the occasion that would warrant such a dress.  Nor do I have $150 to spend on a pattern that doesn’t include the materials and labour. Nor the talent to provide said labour.  Nor… you get the picture.


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  1. Rivikah

    Doesn’t look that hard to me. I mean…It would take some care and time, but you could totally make that. I bet you could do it just from the picture too. Or rather…From the picture and by putting together some other more basic patterns.

    Looks to me like it’s just a six panel A-line dress with some front and back details.

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