M and I went camping this weekend.  Both of us would probably be called experienced campers.  I can’t think of a single year I haven’t been for a least a weekend and he’s quite familiar with the concept of putting up a tent and huddling around a campfire as well.  But I had never gone on my own, without my mom making sure we had everything packed away in the camper.  It’s one of those things I talk about every year with various groups of friends, but it never ends up happening.  So, it was the first camping trip I can actually call my camping trip and not a family camping trip.

It didn’t start off completely smoothly.  I slipped out of work half an hour early, but we lost that extra time when M realized he had forgotten to pack pots and pans, somewhat crucial equipment to go with the camp stove my parents graciously lent me.  (Actually, I must acknowledge… almost all the equipment came from my parents.) We made a detour to grab some from my house, but later found out we’d forgotten a few other things: dishclothes (we used a sock), roasting sticks (we found some).

The campground was pretty empty this weekend.  M and I picked the perfect weekend to go, before families flock out to cottage country even though they don’t have a cottage, but late enough that the weather was still good. We had one set of neighbours, a group of people around our age who provided us with some good stories (enough that they might warrant their own blog post…), but other than that, we were surrounded by empty sites.

We had blue sky and warm sun almost the whole weekend. It thunderstormed Saturday evening.  We were playing Speed when the sky darkened, so we stopped and moved everything that needed to be sheltered into the tent or the truck. When the rain started, we scooted into the tent and watched from inside.  It got pretty intense a couple times, including thunder, lightning and hail.

When the weather was good, we checked out the beach. The park doesn’t have a great one… it’s all dunes, and the provincial park is trying to protect the ecosystem, so the beaches are narrow and not groomed. That didn’t really matter to us though since we weren’t planning on swimming or lounging or anything.

We took one of the trails Saturday morning before the rain. It was gorgeously sunny and almost too hot at that point and the walk was beautiful.  It was slightly marred by the fact that the place was littered with poison ivy and I got paranoid.  M just shrugged it off and walked, in his sandals, without a care.  I grabbed a bucket of soapy water as soon as we got back to the campsite and scrubbed down my shoes and pant legs. M humoured me when I went after his feet.  I completely acknowledge my paranoia and so far, we’ve both been fine.  No unpleasant rashes.

I have a few other things I want to talk about, but I think they need their own post. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend, and it was nice to spend some time away from town, with M. Unfortunately, he came back to an assignment he needs to finish for tomorrow.


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