Closet Census: shoes

I have 25 pairs of shoes.

I took a census of portions of my closet last night. I weeded out about 5 pairs of shoes, and lined up the rest to admire my collection.

I have a lot! Except for the running shoes, none of these were more than $50, at least half were second hand, and the other half Payless. I suspect I’m one of their best customers.

I figure buying cheap shoes is probably best for me. Many people talk about buying quality that will last forever. They don’t realize that some days I like to wear black, other days brown. One day peep toe, the next pointy. Flat, heeled, round toe, sandal. I’d be completely unable to live with myself if I insisted on quality, but demanded variety.

Picking the right pair of shoes to go with an outfit is my favourite parts of my morning routine. You can tell I’m not having the perkiest day if I show up to work wearing jeans and my worn, dirty flats. If I pick that pair of brown shoes on the right, I’m playing it safe. If I pick the tall peep-toes, I’m feeling pretty good.

The pointy-toed black ones in the middle there haven’t been worn in months because the tips have fallen off.  Anyone have any recommendations as to where I should bring them to have them fixed? Or know of a place I can buy my own tips so I can see if I can fix them myself?

Some of my shoes are getting pretty old. The tall boots were a Christmas gift from my siblings in 2006 (it was the Christmas of my second year), and those orange shoes I bought, despite my mother insisting they were hideous, for 11.50 at Zellers while I was, I believe, still in high school. The other brown boots beat both of them though: they were a vintage find.

(Since taking this picture, I have decided it’s time to let those vintage boots go. They have joined the discard pile, but if anyone would like them, they’re up for grabs. Same goes for the orange shoes. And the peach coloured ones, third from the end in the first picture. Gorgeously cute, and expensive in the reproduction by Urban Behaviour, I think, but just don’t quite fit me.  Probably for a 6.5.)

Perhaps next week, I’ll talk about my dresses. Ah, my dresses…

[Yes, I am aware that there is cat food on my floor.  And a twig.  That’s left over from Pekoe’s house plant snack.]



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6 responses to “Closet Census: shoes

  1. Rivikah

    toooo many.

    The other day I was thinking I had too many shoes. But I have less than half as many as you. Nine pairs once I throw out my broken pair of sneakers. Not counting the shower flip-flops that I still have kicking around from first year.

    But counting my winter boots and my everyday sneakers. Divided among three seasons. Whoo minimalism!

  2. Rivikah

    Though I’m thinking of going even more minimalistic and throwing away both of my crappy pairs of dress sandals and going out and purchasing a good quality classic dress sandal of some type. Real leather. With less blisterating abilities.

    That worked really well with the spring/fall dress shoes except that I picked out something that only goes with skirts so I had to keep my old clunky platforms. Which are at least a decade old.

    • You are the kind of person that should buy one or two quality pairs. You are minimalistic. I am not.

      Why do your spring/fall dress shoes only go with skirts?

      • Rivikah

        Actually, they would probably go perfectly fine with narrowish pants too. But most of my dresspants are old and thus have pretty wide legs on them. The new dress shoes get a little swamped. The opposite solution would be to buy new pants.

  3. mom

    You forgot the shoes you still have here. Maybe you could do some more weeding next time you’re home!

    • I also forgot the shoes in my car and the sandals in Mark’s.

      I will do some more weeding the next time I’m home, but I have a suspicion there’s nothing there that I would wear anymore. Which means it can all be garbaged/Sally Anned.

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