Canon Powershot A620

I like it when my parents get new stuff.  It often means their old stuff gets hand-me downed. And with my sister and brother out of province/out of country, there’s no competition.

This time, it is a camera. They’ve had three digital cameras since the digital camera thing started, and I now have two of them. The first was an HP. It was big and clunky and didn’t hold it’s battery life for more than 15 minutes. On a good day.

The second, the one my parents have let me borrow indefinitely, is a Canon Powershot A620. It’s got 7.1 megapixels and way more features that I’m still trying to figure out. My parents have been happy with it for a few years now and only got a new one because they forgot it on their trip to San Francisco to visit my brother.

M and I played around with it for a while on Sunday afternoon. I took a lot of boring pictures on the drive back from my parents place. He took a few more thoughtful, planned photographs, but not the 250 I took in 1 hour.


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