A running update

My health and fitness consultant is constantly reassuring me that it’s hard to keep up a fitness regime. The only thing to do when you fall off, she says, is to get back on. Or something like that.

I fell off. Completely. I haven’t gone running or hit the gym for probably something around a month. The really surprising thing is that the weather has mostly been good for running. While everyone else’s activity level is going up, mine is going down. Starting in February or so, I was running in all weather, except on the coldest, freeze-your-chin-and-legs-off days. There weren’t many weeks I missed in the Winter semester.

And then the weather got nicer and running became easier. You would think it would last and even increase during the summer, except on the hottest, sweat-dripping-in-my-eyes-the-moment-I-pick-up-my-pace-past-a-shuffle days. But no. Is it possible that I enjoy running far more when the weather is less than ideal?

I went for the first time in weeks last night. M convinced me to go, really. He had been out for a quick jog yesterday morning and said something along the lines of “Even a short 10 minute run is better than nothing.” So, after watching him win his volleyball game last night, I put on my running clothes, grabbed my watch and did a quick, 10-minutes-out-9-back run.

It felt good. And I felt 50% better after than I have in a long time. But I can’t say that I loved it. I can’t say it will be easy to push myself out the door again tonight. I can’t say running is the favourite of my past-times.

But all I can do to change that is to get back on.


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  1. Samsoneffect

    I know what you mean about getting back to it after a lull. I’ve sorta been off a week and a half or so, after nursing stress injury in my legs, and I don’t quite have the drive to run at the moment. Just gotta get back on the horse though, I’ll get my six minute mile if it kills me!


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