Meet Liia

Liia is a 5 year old Bernese Mountain dog. We (mostly) affectionately call her my ‘little sister’. My parents bought her the year before they were to become empty nesters. Essentially, she’s a 100 pound lap dog who challenges the statement that animals don’t love.

About a month ago, on a Friday, my parents made the mistake of telling her I was coming home about two hours too early. They were cleaning up supper and my dad looked at her and said, “Liia, Nettie’s coming home!” She bolted to her feet, and, in a frenzy, demanded to be let outside. She sprinted out onto the driveway and probably froze in confusion. My little red car was no where to be seen!

Of course, when I did arrive, she did her usual high energy welcome, racing around my car, running into my legs so she could sit on my feet and whimper, taking off across the driveway to the garage, and back again at full speed. 

When she’s calmer, she photographs extremely well.


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