The end of the pretty pictures.

This morning, when I got in my car to go to work, everything was off.

There was a program from a play I went to with my parents and brother a couple weeks ago sitting on the driver’s seat. The ash tray was open. The seats that open into the trunk were slightly off kilter.

Someone other than me had been there. Looking for things.

I looked a little closer. Everything seemed to still be there. There may have been some Canadian Tire money sitting in the cupholder that was now gone. My CDs had been moved into the house for a couple weeks and the few that were there seemed untouched. Besides, the only one I really care about right now is in the player, and since they didn’t find a spare key (thank, goodness) there’s no way they could get it. 

I thought I was in the clear. They had come, rifled around, found nothing, left.

Halfway to work, I remembered.

Last night, I went to Shakespeare in the Park. I thought it would be a great opportunity for some photographs, and, like a good photographer, took my camera along. And forgot it in the backseat when I got to the play. And then forgot to bring it in, along with my lunch from the day, when I got home.

Panicked, I pulled the backseat apart. Looked in the trunk. All the while knowing it was useless. What kind of thief would see a camera sitting on the back seat and just leave it, tuck it under the seat, or put it in the trunk?

They also took my school bag that had my lunch in it, probably to carry their loot. It’s one of the only pieces of swag I had.

So, that’s the end of it, I guess. Perhaps I could afford to buy myself another camera. But it wouldn’t be that camera. And I wouldn’t get rid of the feeling of stupidity that’s making me want to cry and bash my own head in and crawl under my bed in sorrow all at once.

And I have a wedding to go to this weekend.

[UPDATE: Seven cars in my neighbourhood were similarly broken into. The constable I talked to was very friendly and sympathetic. Perhaps my camera will end up on Kijiji or Craigslist or Ebay. But, I wonder, can I ever buy anything used again without wondering where it came from?]



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2 responses to “The end of the pretty pictures.

  1. Well, that totally sucks!! I can also say been there done that with the exact same senario! They key is (when you can afford it) buy an expensive camera so that insurance will cover it (IF it ever happens again). The biggest bummer, the memories that were captured on the stolen camera. We searched bushes in the hope that the offender at least had the decency to dump the film. No. such. luck.

  2. I was fortunate enough to have downloaded all my pictures and wiped the memory card just a couple days ago. So no lost memories!

    I think I will be replacing the camera, but probably not with a really great one. I can’t afford it quite yet, and I’d kind of like to have a little camera I can just toss in my purse and carry everywhere with me. That way, I won’t leave it sitting on the backseat of my car! My Canon was not huge, but just a touch too big for an easy pocket camera. The big expensive ones can come later!

    I think I will see what I can find used too. But cameras are being improved so quickly, I wonder if I’m better off going new.

    Either way, there will be considerable research before I spend too much money!

    I filed a police report about it (though I don’t have any delusions about it being found) and was told there were seven others broken into in my area last night! Made me glad I filed the report, just to know I wasn’t the only idiot leaving valuables in her car!

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