For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

[From my backlog of pictures from bridal showers.]

Kids always seem so photogenic. No matter if their smiles are too big, their hair a mess.

Not only that, but they’re always the most eager subjects.

This little one and her partner in mischief were running around Bridal Shower Number 1 with balloons, helping to unwrap presents and stick ribbons on a hat for the bride. When they saw me with a camera, they walked right up and stood for their pictures to be taken.


There were kids at Bridal Shower Number 2, too. It was a Pampered Chef party, so this little girl volunteered to help make the mini quiche.


[Camera update: I don’t really have an update. It seems there may be a camera that a friend, one of M’s roommates, found on a camping trip, that may be offered up as a replacement for my A620. No details on it yet, and until I have it in my hands, I wouldn’t call it official. I may be requisitioning M’s camera for the wedding this weekend, so hopefully there will still be a few photographs!]


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  1. Rivikah

    The images are broken?

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