Volleyball and failing tendons

M loves sports. He’d much rather get his exercise through a game of squash, volleyball or hockey, while I prefer the steadiness of an endurance run on a cool, damp morning. (It was short this morning: only 20 minutes.)

Last night was volleyball. I brought my camera along and proved that I’m not a sports photographer and my camera is far from being up to the task.

The graininess of the pictures is disappointing. Sports mode was useless and left me with a lot of blurred pictures. Next time, I’ll see if I can have any success with panning, though I won’t expect it. The Internet says it’s a very difficult technique.

I was put to shame by the group of Asian students with two DSLRs, one with a foot-long lens on it. Later, there was a guy running around with a Canon DSLR. But what did I expect? Point and shoot =/= SLR quality pictures.

The Flying Dutchmen lost. It was their final game and the first that didn’t go the way they wanted. They were up five points in the second game, well on their way to a win that would send them to a tie breaker. And then, C’s knee went. Apparently, he went to jump from a sweat-slicked floor, his foot slipped and his leg, already mostly devoid of working tendons from past injuries, crumpled underneath him.

A gym is never quite as quiet as when a player is down and no one knows if he’s going to get back up again.

(He managed to get off the court. But I wouldn’t really say he got back up.) 


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