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Because I’ve had a crazy weekend of rehearsal, wedding, and family reunion, I’m exhausted. I even skipped my run this morning for the sake of an extra hour’s sleep and still feel like I haven’t caught up.

So, I’m outsourcing my blog today to tide you all over to an actual post. (Which will hopefully come this evening.)

My aunt took some wonderful pictures at the wedding.

My dad wrote a blog post about yesterday. I know it’s not about the family reunion, but I just couldn’t resist pointing out the cuteness of my parents on my blog. Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for better role models.

(Though, they messed up my teenage-hood a little. In health class, I remember talking about how teenagers are supposed to have a switch from being mostly influenced by their parents to being mostly influenced by their peers, hence, rebellion. I couldn’t relate.)

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Week 6, Day 5


7:20 minutes

Pace approximately 5.6 min/km.

I grumbled my way out of bed this morning, decided I didn’t want a repeat of the past two days’ horrible runs. So yes, you’re reading my post right. I ran for less than 10 minutes this morning. And I’m glad I did it. I’m both glad that I didn’t force myself when I didn’t want, but also glad that I still managed to get out.

I came back and did a solid half hour with my resistance bands. They’re no where near as effective as free weights (perhaps mostly because I actually know what I’m doing with free weights?) but, I figured, better than nothing.

Week’s summary

18.7 km

119.17 minutes

Average pace 6.4 min/km

It’s THE wedding weekend! Rehearsal tonight! Wedding tomorrow! Family reunion (for the other side) on Sunday.

I’m contemplating sneaking away for an hour or so on Sunday and borrowing my mother’s bike, if she’ll let me and if the weather’s good. Either that, or a 10K run around the block.

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Week 6, Day 4

Where has my speed gone?

3.6 km

25:30 minutes

7.1 minutes per km


This is what happened:

  1. I chose a route I hate. My neighbourhood is a good sized loop, which you would think would be great for short, easy runs like this morning was supposed to be. Except that no matter which direction you do the loop in, there are hills. Lots of hills. They slow you down, make your legs feel like lead. It’s short, but every time I’ve run it, it seems far harder that what I expect.
  2. I cramped. Again! Only halfway through my run this time. I had to slow to a walk and eventually, stop completely while I tried to figure out how to breath or stretch in such a way to make it subside. It never did, not really, though it let up enough to let me finish at a run.

Two disappointing runs in a row is not good for my motivation. One more tomorrow and I’m done 6 weeks of this. One more week and I’ll have arrived at the end of my co-op term and a need to find a new routine.

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4A Classes

ENGL 350A – Seventeenth-Century Lit. It seems this class will be all verse. Not a huge fan of verse, but when it comes to the seventeenth century, I think I’ll take that over prose.

ENGL 408B – The Discourse of Advertising This one promises to be fun! How could delving into the evil rhetoric of advertising not be? One of two night classes I’m taking this term. I haven’t had a night class since first year. We’ll see how this goes…

ENGL 460C – British Lit, 1945 to Present Maybe I’m not a very good lit major, but I honestly prefer to read things written in the past 100 years. I’m hoping we’ll get to read some really contemporary stuff, new authors doing cool things. I will not expect this though. It’s all in the prof.

Music 270 – Music Theory 1 A little nervous for this one. I haven’t done music theory since I wrote my grade 8 piano exam. I haven’t been playing much lately either. But I love music and I hope this will inspire my to play a little more. We’ll see. The three required books are almost $250 all together! No dropping out two weeks into it if I decide I have no desire to confront music theory anymore…

Music 363 – Christian Hymnody I think, of all of them, this is the class I’m looking forward to the most. Three hours a week talking about hymns? Need I say more? (Okay, for some of you… I probably do. I love hymns.)

Other activities this term: helping out the campus chaplain with a new program, lots of running, lots of driving to TO on the weekends, Worship Ministry, Student Welcome Committee, perhaps a weekly Bible study?

Oi. I’m busy this term.

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Before taxes, my books for this term are going to cost me $568.61.

I’m going to see what I can get used. I’ve never had such an expensive term!

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I write blog posts in my head while I run

Week 6

Day 3


39.12 minutes (this is a bit of an estimate: I did not wield my stopwatch well this morning.)

Average pace 6.74 min/km

It was a horrible, horrible run this morning. As if that wasn’t obvious from my pace.

I just didn’t want to go. Every step, I had to fight with myself to not stop and start walking. It started to rain on me on the last leg of the large block I ran. And I cramped up in the last 500m. There’s something about that route, maybe the steeper hills, that causes me to cramp up at the very end. Painfully.

I finished strong though. Mostly. Lured my cat out from under my neighbour’s porch with treats and got out of the rain far later than I would have liked. Late for work this morning, not that there is any.

Buckle up for a bad day.

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Week 6, Day 2

5.5 km

34.14 minutes

6.2 minutes/km

What’s my goal anyway? What’s the point of keeping track if I don’t have much of a goal, just a vague hope for improvement?

The run felt good today. But every twinge as my body warms up is starting to worry me. I’ve been reading far too many blogs by runners trying to recover from injury. I wonder if I do enough to warm up. If I do enough to stretch things out afterwards. If I push myself too much to speed up or go just a little farther during my run.

Either way, it felt good. I’m feeling good.

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Week 6, Day 1


13:41 minutes

Approximately 5.4 minutes/km

I must have made a mistake in tracking my numbers.

Or not. I could tell I was running pretty fast. I did the half loop of my neighbourhood. It ended up being worth getting out of bed. A fast run, followed by 25 minutes of stretching and strength training.

M is gone to the big city for co-op. This could be a disaster for my running. I was lying in bed snuggled up to my kitty, not wanting to move. And I thought, oh, I can run tonight. M and his roommates aren’t around to hang out with anymore. I have nothing to do this evening.

And then my sports-bra-clad super-ego moved in and kicked my butt. It doesn’t matter that they’re not around to take up my evenings. I won’t run after work. I hate running after work. I’m tired and hungry and grumpy after sitting in front of a computer all day. And, if I manage to find the motivation, I’ll eat horribly afterwards because I’m definitely too tired to find any motivation to make something good and healthy.

So, 20 minutes later than I should have, I struggled out of bed, repeating the mantra over and over in my head that a short run is better than no run. I threw on my running clothes and got out the door. And I ran as if M was beside me pushing my pace.

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Koodo update

For those of you who only read my posts once and don’t check out the comments from the few people who care to comment, go back and take a look at my last post about my new phone from Koodo.

Someone named Bernard at Koodo found my post and left a comment with a promise to look in to my situation and see what’s going on. I’ll admit I was a little suspicious. After all, there’s so much spam and so many trolls out there. How could I know it was valid? But, I sent him a (modified) version of the info he requested and, by 4:30 today, he had diagnosed the problem and fixed it for me!

Is there any other cell phone company that sifts the Internet, looking for bad press and counteracting it? Now, as long as the service remains good and it doesn’t get overly expensive, I think I’m going to be pretty happy with Koodo.

Thanks Bernard!

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Week 5, Day 5

6.4 km

41:26 minutes

Average pace, 6.4 minutes per km.


Approximately 23.7km this week.

(Okay, I fudged Monday’s run. I couldn’t remember where I went and I didn’t write down my mileage anywhere. I guessed. And maybe guessed low.)

1 upper body strength training session.

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