Salmon, marinated

M lives with four guys he knows pretty well. Two, he grew up with and two are classmates who have similar values and backgrounds. They cook and eat together all the time. And, on the evenings I’m over (which, admittedly, is almost every evening) I join them.

But I feel bad about just eating their food. I often eat something quick right after work before popping over to hang out. But my own cooking usually doesn’t compare to what they make. They make delicious tortillas, steak, sheperds pie, chicken. They do a good job of trying to make it balanced as well, though since it’s so good, I was putting on a little extra weight for a while at the beginning of the summer. They take the time to make something delicious. I just want to eat and get on with my day.

But, every so often, I feel like cooking. There’s something about all the chopping, the timing, the mixing, the stirring, that, if in the right mood, is incredibly relaxing and challenging at the same time. So, I made the guys supper today.

I started cooking at noon. I wanted to do salmon because I’m on a bit of a health kick and fish seems to be one of the best things for you. Besides, it’s delicious. Unfortunately, not cheap. I found this recipe, combined it with this side and a salad with plenty of tomatoes, almonds, cranberries and fakeon bits (because the guys wanted to use them up).

For the first time in a long time, I got the timing right and had everything on the table, warm and ready to be eaten right at dinner time. And everything worked out and tasted great.

We had two bottles of wine: A Reif Estates Reisling and a Pelee Island Pinot Grigio.

I’m thinking pie sometime this week. Any ideas how to make pie a little more healthy than it is?



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3 responses to “Salmon, marinated

  1. Rivikah

    The point of pie is to be completely unhealthy.

    But I suspect you can reduce fat content….maybe by only doing one crust?
    Or using some different kind of non-pastry crust?

  2. Looks delicious!

    Somewhere I have a pie recipe that uses olive oil, or you can substitute white flour for some whole wheat flour. Just be forewarned whole wheat dries it out a lot more.

  3. A crustless tart is the best way. The French will sometimes serve apple tart on cabbage leaves instead of with a crust. The fruit’s the best part of the pie, anyway!

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