Chicken pot pie

I’m not a huge fan of Swiss Chalet anymore. The atmosphere isn’t great and with the mediocre food, I’m far more likely to go for something else. But I love their chicken pot pie. It’s the only thing I ever order there and, while I burn my tongue on it every time, I’m usually not disappointed.

So, I decided to try to find my own recipe. Tonight proved it’s going to take some trial and error, but it’s not difficult to get something that tastes just as good as Swiss Chalet’s relatively easy.

I went for this recipe. I kind of regret giving away my French onion soup bowls because they would have been perfect to use to make little individual ‘pies’. It probably would have turned out a little better if they had been.

The good things:

  • Tasty! I love mushroom soup though, so I knew it would be.
  • The biscuit crust was incredibly easy to turn the chicken casserole into a chicken pie.
  • The whole thing took less than an hour to make and was so easy.

The bad things:

  • I used cheap mushroom soup that didn’t look as appetizing as Campbells.
  • The broth mixed with the mushroom soup was a little too watery and essentially just soup. Next time, I won’t use as much broth and more condensed cream of mushroom soup.
  • Because the gravy was watery than I wanted, the crust got a little soggy as I was eating it. I’m not confident in the reheating potential of it. I’ve popped what’s left back in the oven for a few minutes in the hopes of making the topping a little crispier.

And now, I’m watching a cheesy made-for-TV movie about some teenager going missing, doing my 2.5 weeks worth of laundry and working on a drawing I started at Christmas.


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  1. mom

    Since I was bored with our typical summer fare, I thought I’d copy you and try this recipe.
    I used Campbell’s mushroom soup to avoid the unappetizing soup problem.
    I used 3/4 water and a bouillon cube instead of the broth. Thought it was still too thin so I thickened it with 2 T cornstarch mixed with a bit of water.
    To avoid the reheating of leftovers, I bought mini loaf pans and made 8 separate pies. I froze 6 of them for meals on other days. We’ll see how they bake up from a frozen state.
    Feel somewhat guilty for buying environmentally unfriendly foil pans, but after the dog licked out the pans, they look as if they might come clean in the dishwasher and I can use them again.
    Me, being me, I added extra veggies and used up some stuff that was in the fridge.
    Thought it tasted pretty good and I’ve now got 3 meals in the freezer!

    Now if I could only follow your example and put my running shoes back on my feet…

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