The farmer’s market on a Saturday

My grandfather used to and may still go to the Sale every Thursday. I remember going with my dad a couple times, mostly to go to the sales barn. We didn’t go often, but I remember the excitement and the crowds. The magic of it is lost some I think. It’s not quite as colourful, it’s too hot, too crowded. But I still find myself drawn there, if only once a year.

M and I went this past weekend. We didn’t buy much: me a box of cherries, M, three boxes of plums.

We tried to find the sales barn, but I had no memory of the outside, just the inside. I had no idea if we’d even be let in to watch without a bidding number if there were any auctions on at the time. People worry more about biohazards now than they did ten years ago and I had no idea if the rules have changed since the time I sat with my dad watching the animals come into the ring, listening to the auctioneer’s spiel.

I ended up with a dehydration headache by the evening. I didn’t drink enough water despite the heat. But it was a nice day and the weekend is turning into exactly what I want. I’ve been having such a busy summer, I felt like I needed a weekend completely to myself, doing nothing but what I wanted to do, feeling obligated to nothing and no one. Every so often you just need a weekend for yourself, you know?

Now, I think I’m ready for three more summer weddings, a family reunion and potentially a visit to a cottage.



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2 responses to “The farmer’s market on a Saturday

  1. I’d say your new little camera is working out quite well. Watermarked even! Those cherries are HUGE! Did you “sneak” the shot of the Mennonite girl?

    Glad you had a weekend to do exactly what you wanted to do!

    • Picasa does the watermarking for me. Perhaps someday I’ll make a proper stylized logo/watermark. For now, the initials will do. 🙂

      It’s kind of hard to not get Mennonites in your photos at the farmer’s market. I think they don’t necessarily want their pictures being taken for religious reasons. (I believe there’s a group of Hutterites threatening to leave Alberta because of a new law concerning photographs on their drivers’ licenses. Then again, there’s that photographer that makes her living off photographing them and publishing books of the photographs…) There’s so many people with cameras at the market though, it’s impossible for them to avoid it. I got one (unfortunately blurry) picture of a Mennonite woman looking right at me while I took a picture of her booth full of veggies.

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