Caleb and Bri, August 15, 2009

Wedding number 4 was a Catholic wedding and, for that reason alone, stands out in a pretty sharp contrast to the first three weddings I attended this summer. The groom, M’s childhood friend, was raised CRC. The bride is Catholic.

For that reason, half of the congregation sat in complete confusion while the other half zipped through the service in complete comfort, rattling off litanies that weren’t written in the  program and sitting, kneeling, and standing without prompt. Fortunately, the priest was aware of the split congregation, but despite his leading, we were all lost half the time anyway.

And, when one of the provided litanies veered into an area of the Catholic faith Calvinism doesn’t agree with, I could hear most around me on the grooms side faulter or stop reading altogether. Calvinists petitioning to Mary? I don’t think so!

On to the pictures! We were a little far back, so I didn’t get a lot of quality pictures.

They gave us bubbles after the reception. The guys mostly had fun blowing them at me and my incessant picture taking.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

The reception was good, with delicious food, good wine, and some decent speeches. For their first dance, the bride and groom segued from a proper slow dance to Soulja Boy and back again. The bridal party did an African dance, which was beyond fitting considering both the bride and groom went to African on missions trips well before they met each other.

And, I got the best pictures of the night at the cake cutting!

There's icing on their noses!

I’ve got one left this summer, but there will be far fewer pictures of that one. On the 29th, I’ll be standing beside my cousin as she and her fiance take the plunge!


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