Unrecognized file format: not a reason to panic

While at the wedding on Saturday, my Kodak failed me.

I was showing a couple people who missed the ceremony the pictures. A few minutes later, I went to flip through them again. Instead of pictures of the bride and groom slipping rings on each other’s fingers, I got this message error: Unrecognized file format.

I’ll admit. I kind of panicked. The pictures were gone! In hopes of jolting my cheap SD card awake, I popped it out and popped it back in. Now, the pictures were gone completely. 165 dropped to 44.

But, I kept my head. The pictures hadn’t been deleted. Of the 900 or so pictures I can take on my card, I only had room for 775. They were still there.

At home, I nearly cried when I popped the card into my computer’s card reader and they were still no where to be found. So, I turned to the Internet. It knows everything right?

It seems like Kodak cameras are known to have this problem. I was certainly not the first to have my pictures replaced by a blank screen and an unfriendly message. I found a digital card recovery program for free. Running it got me all my pictures back with only 1 or 2 being incomplete.

A little more research tells me the problem is with Kodak’s firmware. It needs to be updated. Most people seem to report that once they update their firmware and reformat their SD cards to that firmware, the problem goes away.

So, to any Kodak owners reading this: don’t freak out if you get the error message. Your pictures are not gone!


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5 responses to “Unrecognized file format: not a reason to panic

  1. casey

    Glad you were able to recover you pics. Same thing just happened to me with my kodak, what program did you use to recover your pics?

  2. Recently had a similar problem with my old and much loved DX6490.
    In the middle of a shooting session I hit the review button and got the message “Unrecognizable File Format.” I could not view my pictures, nor could I take any more. Also, I discovered later, the card could not be reformatted in the camera because it was telling me that it was write protected.
    However, I was able to download my pictures from a card reader and also found that the camera worked OK with a different card.
    I had tried to reformat the card on the computer but was still getting the “Write Protected” message, so I decided to try to delete everything from the disk using CCleaner’s Drive Wiper. This also gave me the “Write Protected” message and it was at this point that I realized that there was a problem with the lock sensor on my card reader. Having fixed that, I should have tried reformatting again, but I went ahead with the Drive Wiper (so I don’t now know if this was really necessary) and I was then able to reformat the disk (FAT32). I then put the card back in the camera and reformatted it again using the camera’s software and it now works perfectly.
    So I don’t know what caused the fault, but I suspect it might have something to do with pressing the review button at the wrong moment, while the previous shot was still being stored. Whatever the reason, it appears to have been a case of file corruption caused by software and could be put right.
    There doesn’t appear to be any firmware upgrade for this camera.
    Hope this is helpful to anyone with the same problem.

  3. Can I recover video files? This is my main concern with my kodak slice

  4. Ema

    Hi. I just tried to review a video from my sons graduation and it says unrecognized file format on the camera. I see u used the recovery program and it worked. Did u need a card reader or just plugged the camera into the compute? . Thanks so much

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