Can I dare to hope?

(I was going to post the whole article, but I realized that would pinpoint my location pretty closely, and, while I may have done that fearlessly in the past, I value my anonymity on the Internet for now.)

Three teens arrested in connection with thefts from cars

Three teenage males were arrested Friday in connection with several vehicles that were broken into in <my area> of <my city>.

Police say the teens were seen acting suspiciously near a school on <a street near my house> and, after being questioned by police, were found to be in possession of stolen property.

Police continue to remind the public to remove all valuables from their vehicles and keep their doors and windows locked at night.

I made the post about my camera being stolen on the 22nd of July. This article was in the local paper on the 27th. If they are the ones who stole my camera, what’s the likelihood they would have still had it? If they are the ones who stole my camera, if they still had it, and if the police recovered it, when will they contact me? When will I get it back? What if I want to know now

My hopes are up, but I know they shouldn’t be. There’s a pretty slim chance, I think. But, it might be a chance.

And honestly, as much as I’m happy with the Kodak, to have my Canon back? Oh, please…


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