Koodo update

For those of you who only read my posts once and don’t check out the comments from the few people who care to comment, go back and take a look at my last post about my new phone from Koodo.

Someone named Bernard at Koodo found my post and left a comment with a promise to look in to my situation and see what’s going on. I’ll admit I was a little suspicious. After all, there’s so much spam and so many trolls out there. How could I know it was valid? But, I sent him a (modified) version of the info he requested and, by 4:30 today, he had diagnosed the problem and fixed it for me!

Is there any other cell phone company that sifts the Internet, looking for bad press and counteracting it? Now, as long as the service remains good and it doesn’t get overly expensive, I think I’m going to be pretty happy with Koodo.

Thanks Bernard!


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