4A Classes

ENGL 350A – Seventeenth-Century Lit. It seems this class will be all verse. Not a huge fan of verse, but when it comes to the seventeenth century, I think I’ll take that over prose.

ENGL 408B – The Discourse of Advertising This one promises to be fun! How could delving into the evil rhetoric of advertising not be? One of two night classes I’m taking this term. I haven’t had a night class since first year. We’ll see how this goes…

ENGL 460C – British Lit, 1945 to Present Maybe I’m not a very good lit major, but I honestly prefer to read things written in the past 100 years. I’m hoping we’ll get to read some really contemporary stuff, new authors doing cool things. I will not expect this though. It’s all in the prof.

Music 270 – Music Theory 1 A little nervous for this one. I haven’t done music theory since I wrote my grade 8 piano exam. I haven’t been playing much lately either. But I love music and I hope this will inspire my to play a little more. We’ll see. The three required books are almost $250 all together! No dropping out two weeks into it if I decide I have no desire to confront music theory anymore…

Music 363 – Christian Hymnody I think, of all of them, this is the class I’m looking forward to the most. Three hours a week talking about hymns? Need I say more? (Okay, for some of you… I probably do. I love hymns.)

Other activities this term: helping out the campus chaplain with a new program, lots of running, lots of driving to TO on the weekends, Worship Ministry, Student Welcome Committee, perhaps a weekly Bible study?

Oi. I’m busy this term.


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