I write blog posts in my head while I run

Week 6

Day 3


39.12 minutes (this is a bit of an estimate: I did not wield my stopwatch well this morning.)

Average pace 6.74 min/km

It was a horrible, horrible run this morning. As if that wasn’t obvious from my pace.

I just didn’t want to go. Every step, I had to fight with myself to not stop and start walking. It started to rain on me on the last leg of the large block I ran. And I cramped up in the last 500m. There’s something about that route, maybe the steeper hills, that causes me to cramp up at the very end. Painfully.

I finished strong though. Mostly. Lured my cat out from under my neighbour’s porch with treats and got out of the rain far later than I would have liked. Late for work this morning, not that there is any.

Buckle up for a bad day.


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