Week 6, Day 4

Where has my speed gone?

3.6 km

25:30 minutes

7.1 minutes per km


This is what happened:

  1. I chose a route I hate. My neighbourhood is a good sized loop, which you would think would be great for short, easy runs like this morning was supposed to be. Except that no matter which direction you do the loop in, there are hills. Lots of hills. They slow you down, make your legs feel like lead. It’s short, but every time I’ve run it, it seems far harder that what I expect.
  2. I cramped. Again! Only halfway through my run this time. I had to slow to a walk and eventually, stop completely while I tried to figure out how to breath or stretch in such a way to make it subside. It never did, not really, though it let up enough to let me finish at a run.

Two disappointing runs in a row is not good for my motivation. One more tomorrow and I’m done 6 weeks of this. One more week and I’ll have arrived at the end of my co-op term and a need to find a new routine.


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