Week 6, Day 5


7:20 minutes

Pace approximately 5.6 min/km.

I grumbled my way out of bed this morning, decided I didn’t want a repeat of the past two days’ horrible runs. So yes, you’re reading my post right. I ran for less than 10 minutes this morning. And I’m glad I did it. I’m both glad that I didn’t force myself when I didn’t want, but also glad that I still managed to get out.

I came back and did a solid half hour with my resistance bands. They’re no where near as effective as free weights (perhaps mostly because I actually know what I’m doing with free weights?) but, I figured, better than nothing.

Week’s summary

18.7 km

119.17 minutes

Average pace 6.4 min/km

It’s THE wedding weekend! Rehearsal tonight! Wedding tomorrow! Family reunion (for the other side) on Sunday.

I’m contemplating sneaking away for an hour or so on Sunday and borrowing my mother’s bike, if she’ll let me and if the weather’s good. Either that, or a 10K run around the block.


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