Frosh, everywhere!

I haven’t been a frosh for 3 years now. (Well, this is my 4th as an upper year student.) All the other years, I can’t remember disliking the frosh so incredibly much. I have a couple suspicions as to why I suddenly had difficulty tolerating them.

1. They’re completely ignorant about the way the university works, but since they have an older sibling in university, think they know everything. This was me. But I couldn’t help cringing at the first year student standing in front of me in line at the bookstore, talking to his buddies like he was the wise, all-knowing, superior brand of first year student.

2. They wander around in happy packs and chatter away incessantly about nothing. This probably just points to my own skepticism about my university degree. They’re all bright-eyed and excited about what’s to come and I’m all cynical about all the time I just put into something that might not be useful in the least.

3. Similarly, everything is a new adventure to them. For me, standing in line at the bookstore for 45 minutes to drop $300+ on books because I need to buy the ridiculously expensive music theory books right away so I can do the stuff I need to have done for Wednesday is a painful experience best survived by zoning out as far as I can. I’m ready to be done and they can’t wait to start.

I can’t wait for all the frosh excitement to calm down. Honestly, I don’t know how upper year students can stand to live on campus with all that going on.


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  1. mom

    In my last year of university, I can remember feeling less smart, less important, less special and more insignificant than at any other time in my university career. Looking back on it, I think it was a part of maturing where I recognized the world was a whole lot bigger than me and certainly did not revolve around me.

    But yeah, I was so ready to be done too! It’s only eight months–you’ll make it!

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