A Pekoe story

My cat is causing me some stress.

Yesterday, when I got home at 10:00pm from class, one of my roommates told me that Pekoe has been throwing up when I’m not there. Of course, I feel terrible, because it means he and my other roommate have to deal with bodily fluids of a cat they don’t even like. (They’re allergic. But, Pekoe was here first, and I haven’t noticed either of them sniffling, sneezing or breaking out in hives.)

This probably wouldn’t bother me. Cats are known to throw up every so often. Except that he hasn’t done that in a long time, and usually when he does, it’s because his food bowl was empty for too long and he ate too fast after I filled it up. (Cheap cat foods have a lot of corn or wheat as filler. It expands in cats’ stomachs, so if they eat too much, too fast, they’ll throw up.) But, his food bowl wasn’t empty, and, my roommate said, it was mostly bile, so not related to over eating. On top of that, twice, I’ve noticed that he has peed in front of his litter box instead of in his litter box.

Combined, it’s not good news. I had trouble getting to sleep last night, because I looked up the symptoms and discovered that it could be a urinary tract infection. What really got me was this: “Cats are very tolerant to pain and will eat, purr, and snuggle to attraction your attention even while in pain.” Can you understand why this may have caused me to lose some sleep? Suddenly, everything seems like an indicator of pain. He cries a lot, which I thought was him begging to be let outside. Maybe it’s pain. He doesn’t like to snuggle up to me much. Maybe it’s pain! (Ok, ever since his kitten stage was over, he’s preferred to sleep by my feet instead of on my lap. Probably not pain.) He bites my hand when I rub his belly. Pain?

Anyway, I called the vet and asked for the next possible appointment. He’ll be visiting the dreaded place tomorrow at 5:00. Today, I played with him, let him outside. His energy is high and he’s still eating and drinking plenty. He seems like a healthy cat. So, if it’s nothing, at least the vet will be able to give him a clean bill of health.

The other option is that it’s behavioural. I haven’t been around much, I’ll admit. I do make sure his food and water bowls are full and his litter box is passably clean. And when I’m gone for more than a weekend (Friday night to Monday morning), I make sure I have a friend come in and check on him. But, with classes all day Monday and Wednesday and a fiance distracting me on the weekends… perhaps he’s feeling a lack of love and attention and is acting out because of it.

Hopefully the appointment on Wednesday will shed some light on all this. I don’t like thinking about my Peek-a-boo sick.



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2 responses to “A Pekoe story

  1. Poor Pekoe! Poor you! I know how much stress a pet can cause. That’s why we currently have none. Honestly, it’s been kinda nice not to have to worry about any furry friends, but I do miss having them around.

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