Dana and Bryce, October 3, 2009

The last wedding of the season. M was in this one, so he had lots of decorating duties, which mostly meant he went golfing.

Yeah, I’m not really sure how that works either.

We got to the kind of far away location Thursday night and started working on the hall. I spent the day on Friday at the hall with the bride and her attendants as well, putting myself to good use to make up for coming so early. I was nervous about being in the way, so I just made sure I wasn’t.

Friday, they rehearsed. I played a stand-in Maid of Honour for about five minutes.

Friday night, the MC and one of the other groomsmans’ girlfriend showed up, so we checked into our (slightly odd smelling, but sparkling clean) motel room. (We think the smell was new carpet.)

Saturday, I spent way too long on my hair, rushed through my make-up and shoving some food in my mouth and ran to the wedding down the road.

I didn’t get many pictures at the reception. My camera and the battery situation is so far kind of unpleasant. Regular AAs boot it for about 20 minutes. I really need to invest in that charger.

Wasn’t M dashing that night?

The group of high school friends: The groom, his groomsman, the MC!

It’s growing!

We closed out the dance. And helped to clean up. Walked back to the motel and collapsed, tipsy and even more excited for my own.

Weddings are fun.


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