Beep test

My mom is taking a course in fitness of some kind as she works toward her certificate in kinesiology distance ed from our Rural Ontario farm. (If you remember, I may have mentioned my personal trainer from time to time in this blog. That’s her.)

For her course, she needs to do fitness assessments on people. She asked me and of course, being the good daughter that I am, I agreed. After our final wedding dress shopping trip, we found a flat space and pretended I was on a track to do the first phase of it: walking, then running.

And then, tonight, I did the second phase on my own at the Catholic school track down the street.

A *&@#^%$ Beep test!

I did one in high school. It was torture then and it wasn’t much less torture now. The requirement is that you run 20 meters in shorter and shorter lengths of time, signified by beeps. When I failed the first beep after level 5 was called, I gave up and packed it in. It took all of 10 minutes, at the very most and took me well over 30 minutes to regain composure. If I hadn’t been feeling so terrible, I might have gone for a run in the dark on that beautiful track.

I’m going to get M to do the beep test this weekend. Aren’t I evil?

All complaining aside, it was kind of cool. And, I’ll admit, somewhat affirming. Turns out level 5 is a fair score and nothing, really, to be ashamed of! Perhaps I should set a goal? Reach level 6 before Christmas, level 7 before the wedding?

Or maybe not.



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2 responses to “Beep test

  1. Ryan Fox

    I’m having a terrible case of the told-ya-sos now.

  2. farminarian

    You did better than I did!!!! Of course you are 26 years younger and not 20 lbs overweight.

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