Athleticism versus physical fitness

When I was a kid in elementary school, I was actually an athlete. Surprised? I used to play volleyball, soccer, and even road hockey. I ran cross country and even won track and field for my division at my school every year from grade 4 or so to grade 7.

Grade 8 I was angsty and uninterested. I think that’s where the downward turn happened. I didn’t get along with the type of girls that played sports. I prefered solo activities like piano and writing. In grade 9, I quit playing soccer and turned solely to other artistic pursuits.

Sometimes, like this weekend, I regret that decision. M is athletic. He plays volleyball, hockey, badminton. This weekend, he had a volleyball tournament in Belleville. While he played and had fun, I sat on the bleachers and tried to catch enough of the game so I could at least know if they won or lost. A lot of the time, I was bored stiff. While being bored, I found myself thinking about how my life could have gone in a very different direction. What if I had stopped playing piano instead of soccer? Perhaps I would have become a team player and far more of a people person than I am.

I doubt, however, that I would be in better shape. For about 40 minutes, the length of one of M’s volleyball games, I went for a run. (Through a cemetery, at that. On Halloween.) I think, with the help of my mother, my childhood athleticism has transitioned into a desire for physical fitness. Instead of playing a sport, I’d prefer to run for an hour. I find myself competitive against myself. I enjoy walking for 25 minutes to get to school in the mornings and in the evenings.

M is athletic. I focus on being in shape. I just hope we can maintain what we’ve got as we get older.


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