Vacation suggestions

M and his best man are thinking about going on a trip for reading week. It’s our last reading week and neither of us have ever taken the opportunity to go somewhere. I’m probably not invited along on this trip though, so my best friend and I are thinking about going somewhere ourselves, someplace new and exciting just for a few days.

She wants to go to New York. I’m ok with that. New York could be fun. But I’m not into high end designers and Broadway is too expensive for me. New York intimidates me with its skyscrapers and scary taxi drivers. Why would we go if we’re not willing to spend a lot of money on this trip?

So, I’m asking for suggestions! If you could take off for an extra long weekend, buy a last minute flight somewhere you’ve never been before, where would you go? Or, if you were going to New York with no money, what would you do?



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4 responses to “Vacation suggestions

  1. New York and no money are mutually exclusive.

    I’d visit Quebec. From what I hear, Montreal is nice (and those Megabuses from Toronto to Montreal start at $1) and pro-cyclist, which is what I’d do: have a bicycling holiday. But I’d also like to go to the less anglo cities as well.

    So to sum up that rambling post: Quebec is cheap and friendly.

  2. Laura

    I would go to Montreal, but nobody ever wants to go there. I’ve never been!

  3. So I spent a week in New York and it wasn’t that expensive. Taking the Staten Island ferry is free and you get a great view of the Statue of Liberty while you are on it. Also, just walking down 5th Avenue is cool even though everything is real expensive, you can peek in those stores without buying anything. There is a really cool toy store (Schwarz Toy Store) with a piano on the floor where you can jump on the keys. Just walking around New York is cool, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, walking in Central Park, going to Times Square, and walking around and looking at some of the cool buildings like the Flat Iron building. Also, you can go shopping at some nice store that can be not too expensive, I liked the really big Macy’s and I think you might enjoy Century 21.

    Of course New York and money are mutually exclusive as previously stated since you will probably want to do things like MOMA, Museum of Natural History or the Empire State Building. I am sure you can visit New York very cheaply and there are websites that would support that.

  4. mom

    What about San Francisco? The flight is not always cheap, but you could sleep at your brother’s. It’s a cool city to visit!

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