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Growing up in the middle of the snow belt, I saw this kind of thing on a regular basis. Sometimes, it would last weeks and my siblings and I would start to feel claustrophobic in our big, yellow brick farm house.

This tree line at my parents place was, for a while this afternoon, the end of our visibility. We have neighbours across the road we could no longer see.

Now that I’ve gone and become citified I miss snow storms.

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My nails usually look something like this:

I am terrible about chewing my fingernails. My fingers just naturally end up in my mouth (probably a hold-over from my thumb-sucking days) and as a result, they end up jagged and chewed, if not bleeding and sore. If I’m careful and paint my nail every other day, I can manage to grow them and keep them nice for about two months, but then they soften, break and lose their pristine look after the first time they require clipping. I give up pretty fast.

For Christmas this year, my mom ended up with a pack of fake nails at the end of a gift exchange game we played with her side of our extended family. After she put her on there was a set left over which she, generously, offered to me and subsequently, helped me apply.

And you know what? So far, I really like them. I know they’re fake, but honestly, there’s no way I could get my own nails to look this good and be this strong. Take a look:

Maybe this is the way I should go? Instead of being so concerned about growing my own out and making them look nice, I can have instant good looking nails!


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The end of a school term…

… always seems to be the hardest part of the term. I’m in exams, studying, pretending to study, outright not studying and everything just winds down into a loneliness that precedes Christmas. My cat is at my parents’ place for a while until I stop moving around so much and take extended weekends away from home. And now, my computer is Purolated to a Dell depot centre so my mouse button can be fixed (with 10 days left on the warranty no less!).

With my cat gone for even one day, I miss the closeness of another warm, living body.

With my computer gone, I miss the connection I had to the outside world.

(Granted, I’m on my old computer, the one that died a tragic death when the screen separated from the rest of the computer. I haven’t lost my connection all together. But crouching infront of the rocking chair that is supporting it’s broken body is not exactly the same as sitting downstairs in my comfy couch with the webcam on talking to M through Skype.)

And, honesty, I miss going to class. Who would think I would ever say that? But this term, I’ve had the best classes when it comes to friend count. My English classes contain friends I’ve known for years. My music classes proved to be really easy classes to make friends in. My film class was always pretty lonely, but it was a less than stellar class all ’round.

I can’t wait for Christmas to come and having people around me all the time again.

(Of course, by the end of it all, I may very well be wanting the exact opposite…)

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The Driving Tourist: Ottawa!

A story:

The administration of my elementary school made some very very poor choices. There’s always a grade 7 trip. For years, it was to Quebec City. My sister, five years older than me, went there. For my brother, three years older, they downgraded somewhat to Ottawa. I was disappointed that they stopped doing Quebec City, but I was still excited about the idea of Ottawa. And finally, it was my turn.

They sent us here.

No, I’m not kidding. Someone along the line decided it would be a good idea to fore go teaching us about Canadian culture or history and instead stuck us in graffitied cabins with gross bathrooms and made us sing camp songs and do arts and crafts and climb ropes.

As a result, born and raised in Canada, and Ontario at that, at the age of 22, I had never seen the parliament buildings. Seriously, I got ripped off.

So, when M and I had one of his family Christmases near Ottawa, I requested a drive-by.

The teeny tiny Canadian flag on top looks kind of funny. But, there she is!


The angel watching over the soldiers on the cenataph.

We stopped once to look at Quebec.



And then, we drove around the wasted space that is the aviation museum.


Lots and lots of little planes.

Even though we kind of faked out as tourists, it was a lot of fun. JO, a friend of ours on a co-op term in Ottawa came along, and it was really good to see him and hang out again. M and I decided Ottawa is a nice city and, despite being really far away from everyone, probably preferable over the blob that is Toronto.


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Psst: TD customers

TD is offering one of those programs that I can’t imagine people saying no to.

For every debit transaction you make, they’ll move a set amount (50 cents to 5 dollars, your choice) from your chequing account to your savings account. And, once you’ve moved $100 to your savings account that way, they’ll give you $10.

I asked her what the catch was. She said there was none. I signed up.

Of course, it just seems natural to me. I love to save. The majority of my money sits in my savings account, collecting the little bit of interest it can. And my RESP… I’m in my last year, but I have yet to clean it out. If I can get one more month of interest, I will!

Hmm… maybe I’ve taken after my Dutch forefathers a little too much if $10 every 50 transactions has me excited…

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