Psst: TD customers

TD is offering one of those programs that I can’t imagine people saying no to.

For every debit transaction you make, they’ll move a set amount (50 cents to 5 dollars, your choice) from your chequing account to your savings account. And, once you’ve moved $100 to your savings account that way, they’ll give you $10.

I asked her what the catch was. She said there was none. I signed up.

Of course, it just seems natural to me. I love to save. The majority of my money sits in my savings account, collecting the little bit of interest it can. And my RESP… I’m in my last year, but I have yet to clean it out. If I can get one more month of interest, I will!

Hmm… maybe I’ve taken after my Dutch forefathers a little too much if $10 every 50 transactions has me excited…


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One response to “Psst: TD customers

  1. Rivikah

    Our savings account is with PC Financial. When we were looking at savings accounts they gave the best interest rate of any that offered bank machine/debit services. (ING Direct was a little better, but we weren’t comfortable with having wait a week for them to mail us a cheque when we eventually want our money back.)

    Of course, all interest rates have fallen through the floor since then so I have no idea how the rate compares now.

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