My nails usually look something like this:

I am terrible about chewing my fingernails. My fingers just naturally end up in my mouth (probably a hold-over from my thumb-sucking days) and as a result, they end up jagged and chewed, if not bleeding and sore. If I’m careful and paint my nail every other day, I can manage to grow them and keep them nice for about two months, but then they soften, break and lose their pristine look after the first time they require clipping. I give up pretty fast.

For Christmas this year, my mom ended up with a pack of fake nails at the end of a gift exchange game we played with her side of our extended family. After she put her on there was a set left over which she, generously, offered to me and subsequently, helped me apply.

And you know what? So far, I really like them. I know they’re fake, but honestly, there’s no way I could get my own nails to look this good and be this strong. Take a look:

Maybe this is the way I should go? Instead of being so concerned about growing my own out and making them look nice, I can have instant good looking nails!



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3 responses to “Nails!

  1. Beauty! I think that is the way to go!

  2. I’m still mulling if there is a way I can photoshop some nice nails in for you. French manicure?

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