Job Search Fail

I’m supposed to be in job search mode here. I graduate in less than three months, marry in 94 days, fly to Punta Cana in 96 days and come back in 103. At the moment, we seem to be planning on coming back to my parents basement.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. But who wants to be newlyweds in their parents’ basement? Bottom line: we need jobs.

I was going to go to the job fair my school is hosting. Last time I went, in first year, before my only summer as regular student and not a co-op student, I actually got a job from it. A job I ended up hating by the time the four months was up, but it was a job and got me some pretty decent experience.

Last night, I managed to find a list of employers who were coming. I scrolled through and got more and more depressed with every company I read about. They each had lists of what positions they had available. This is mostly what they looked like:

“Positions Available: Engineering: Mechanical, Software, Electrical, and Optics. Information Technology(GIS department). Technicians and Technologists (Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and Photonics).Co-op Positions in Engineering: Mechanical, Software, Electrical, Optics, IT, Manufacturing Engineering.”

I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. I am so far from qualified, and so uninterested in most of these jobs. For some reason, I still felt like I should go. I even decided to skip talking about Milton and Paradise Lost and to skip Victorian Lit and being insulted by my old, opinionated, heart-on-his-sleeve, weepy prof in order to spend a couple hours and wander and hand out enough resumes. (To whom, I don’t know…) Got halfway to school where I could a) print out 20 copies of my resume and b) catch a bus to the location of the job fair. And then it hit me.

Dress code for job fairs is business casual. Idiot.

I turned around, texted my idiocy to M and had him reaffirm my suspicions that this would likely be a huge waste of time for me anyway, got picked up at a place that wasn’t a bus stop by a very friendly considerate bus drive, got home and sulked.

Ok, not really. I did actually hunt down the company with the one technical writer position available and emailed them my resume. (They actually offered me a co-op position that I didn’t take one term.) I have a couple other people to send my resume to and some studying for a midterm to do. I’m still skipping my classes and I’ve decided to be ok with it. But I really do need to get more serious about this job search thing…


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