Mississippi, or The post in which I actually talk about the work we did

Let me do a quick recap to start this post off. I’ve already told you

How we spent most of our time waiting.

How Mardi Gras cut one of our working days.


How I want to take the beaches home with me.

To top all that off, we did actually do some work while we were down there. See?

We finished this house on our second day of work. The foundation had been redone and the whole inside renovated. When we arrived, there was just some finishing to do which did not take us the two days they thought it should.

M, expertly caulking.

Me, with the threshold I put it all by myself! This required a lot of frustration and a lot of encouragement and refusal to take over by MV. Oh, and, about an extra 20 minutes than if he had taken over!

The group of us in the finished house. From the left, MV, M, ML, J, and me, in the front! They were a good group to go on such a trip with: very patient with my lack of handiwork experience!

Work Day 3: Putting together cabinets. Unfortunately, there are no Ikeas in Mississippi. ML let me run the screw driver the whole time except for the tough ones I simply didn't have enough strength for.

It's surprisingly easy to run a drywall screw gun. This was a tiny bathroom with no room for more than three people at a time. And there were approximately 15 people on the site...

The final day, we gave up on our agency. There was no sign of any more working coming our way and we didn’t want to spend another day hanging around and waiting. So, we had the pastor at the church we stayed at put us to work instead.

We stripped the floor in their fellowship hall. It hadn't been waxed in three years and the pastor kept saying he never realized the floor was so white.

We scrubbed all their toys from the nursery down with a bleach solution that was too heavy on the bleach to handle without gloves. I learned this too late when my fingers spontaneously started bleeding.

See? We did do some work.

My dad reminded me yesterday that while the trip seemed like a bit of a waste in that we didn’t get to do nearly as much as we wanted to do, it was still a better choice than staying at home for reading week where we’d no doubt sit around and do absolutely nothing for seven days. He’s right. And ultimately, I’m glad we went. It might not have been the most productive trip, but it was good to spend a week with the guys, see a part of the world I’d never been to before, experience a Mardi Gras parade, and go on adventures in general.

And how do we know whose lives we touched by the small amount of work we did? God works in ways we can’t possibly understand, cliched as that may be. We were there in his name to do whatever he wanted us to do. Perhaps that’s enough.


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