Maybe a little blue

I am unemployed and it’s starting to wear on me. The worst of it is the nature of the job market; each resume I send out seems to be sucked into a black hole, leaving me wondering if anyone ever even saw it. Jobs that I think should be an easy catch respond with silence. Even worse, the freelancing I’ve been doing makes me feel a little bit like all I’m doing is helping a few greedy people propagate bad writing on the Internet.

I watch a lot of TV.



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3 responses to “Maybe a little blue

  1. Rivikah

    More hobbies!

    Have you gotten yourself a library card yet?

  2. James

    Specifically more writing hobbies.

    If you want to focus on your career, write to get published. Find organizations you care about in the city and write for their newsletter. Go to poetry slams. Hang out at Broken Pencil or any other indie publication in the city.

    If you care about money, do writing things that could pay. Specifically, you could do open-source tech writing: find an open-source project you care about and help them out with their docs (e,g, Do that for 6 months and you’ll have a killer resume that will get you interviews anywhere — but you’ll be stuck in tech :-p

  3. More hanging out with me! 😀

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