Our home

Our apartment is three rooms of tiny. After applying for interesting jobs this morning, I tidied the whole place in the time it would have taken me to do just my bedroom at my old place.

While I’d rather you all just come visit so you can see the place yourself, I know that’s not practical for everyone who reads this, so let me give you a virtual tour of our first home together.

The Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room

Yes, all one room. When I first walked into this apartment, my heart sank a little at how small these three rooms combined were. For some reason, I was in a rush to have an apartment and had already gotten used to the idea that we would take the place. Even before I saw it. The building was wonderful, the location perfect, and the price tag decent considering what we got.

Taken from one step out on the balcony. You can see our front door.

You might be asking where the dining room went to. It’s right there. Right infront of you. See those two chairs? And that bit of open counter? Welcome to our dining room. When guests come over and I cook delicious food (which I will, if you come visit!) I set up a “serve yourself” system there and we eat off our laps in the living room. It’s by no means ideal, but we’re hesitant to buy even a small table, because any space a table takes up is space that is gone. We don’t want this place to start feeling cramped.

We had a little difficulty furnishing the place, but, if you have a good eye, you might be able to tell that Ikea was our friend. Since we don’t have a lot of floor space, we resorted to using the walls as best we can. The TV stand is filled with those little white boxes that look like shoe boxes but look much better and cost a few dollars. They help hide our mess. One of these days we’ll upgrade that TV to a flat screen mounted on the wall. Think of the space that would open up!

The kitchen was another place we (well, mostly I) struggled. There are three useful cupboards in the whole place. (There are two more: one I can’t reach at all, and the other is filled with the ventilation for the stove hood.) The open concept is nice, but it means we lost the potential for at least three more head-level cupboards. And, since there’s a dishwasher, we only have one suitable for pots, pans, casserole dishes, strainers, bowls, and crock pots. Then, there’s the four drawers of various sizes beside the stove. One head-level cupboard went to dishes, one to food. See a problem? One cupboard is not enough space for all our food, especially the pantry supplies, things like baking supplies, the multiple kinds of pasta that fills our cupboards, bags of potatoes, the cat food… We needed more space. So, the kitchen extends into the entryway closet where we put a cheap set of shelves from Ikea. It’s not ideal, but it works.

The Bedroom

While the living area is pretty close to what I would call finished, the bedroom… it’s getting there, but there’s one major detail that we still need to figure out. Bedside tables. We don’t have any. So, instead, we have one big plastic bin we used for moving on one side and two smaller ones stacked together on the other side. Yes, this needs to be taken care of. We might be due for another trip to Ikea very soon.

Our closet situation is not the best in this apartment. There are two closets in the whole place, plus a tiny room for the washer/dryer. The closet in the bedroom just a little bigger than my last closet, a closet I shared with exactly no one. And it’s not like M doesn’t have any clothes. We bought matching (aren’t we cute?) dressers from Ikea for whatever needs folding and the set-up is good enough for now. Someday, I would like a closet that has space for our dirty clothes too, so I don’t have to see them all the time.

The Bathroom

It’s nothing special, really.

It contains a really big mirror, two litter boxes, and a lot of unorganized crap (no pun intended. Seriously). It needs help. Maybe that’s tomorrow’s project.

It’s also really warm because of all those light bulbs along the top of the mirror. I have no idea what kind they are, but they always make me feel kind of feverish, especially if I’m blow drying my hair. The bathroom is probably my least favourite room in the whole apartment.

There. That’s where we live. I spend most of my days sitting on the nice black leather couch from the Brick, pretty much our only piece of furniture that we bought new from somewhere other than Ikea, doing nothing, like a lump. An unproductive, useless lump.



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4 responses to “Our home

  1. Jeanette, I’m starting to feel really bad for you :o)! Your apartment looks great! We’re having the same space issues as you, except that there’s six of us and we’re in a house!! As for the unproductivity(I don’t think that’s a word), I had a whole lot of that today. It was great — as long as it doesn’t happen again tomorrow! Don’t get too frustrated! One day you will long for those days with nothing to do. Seriously!

    I love, love, love that black book shelfy thing on the wall by the dining room! Oh, and the Bailey’s on top of the fridge! That would have gone great with my day today :oD. Uncle M says he agrees that the flat screen tv, will look great, but I think he’s saying that because he wants want here too!

    Hang in there! The right job will come your way!


  2. Look at the bright side. Small apartment is easy to clean up. Besides, at least you have an apartment. I only have a room. 😛

  3. Mom

    Suggestions for bathroom. Take out every other light bulb, it will make the room less bright and less hot. Or, replace those bulbs with ones that have a “soft” light.

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