Mocha at 5 and a half months

Mocha has gotten so big in the past few months. I’m kind of sad that I haven’t been more snap-happy with her during her puppy-hood. How are we going to remember her puppy months when they disappear so fast?

This afternoon looked like a nice day from what I could see of the sky and, even though it clouded over by the time I got off work, I was still bitten by a bug to get Mocha outside to a nearby cemetery where she could run around a bit and shake off some pent up energy. And, in the meantime, I could snap some pictures!

These are my favourite. She’s not the most co-operative model, but I got a few that show off her adorable little self perfectly.

And finally, a couple of our girl in her natural, rambunctious state!

Just one more:

The blue sky came back for us, and the crisp fall air was kind of invigorating. I’m dreading the snow, but I love the fall.


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