Blog Update

Hello my wonderful readers!

Some of you may have noticed that my blog looks a little different these days. It has been experiencing some growth. Not much, granted — it is still the humble everything-about-me-even-if-you-don’t-care blog that it started as and I know that most of you, my readers, are people who know me in some way. I am excited about the growth I have seen though. After all, I’m a writer; what writer doesn’t want to be read?

So, I’ve done some updating around here. There’s a new, minimalist template that will hopefully make my blog more enjoyable to read. There’s also a new page of recipes for the times you think back to my cheesy chicken enchiladas, but you can’t seem to find the post about it. They’re all there, sorted by course. If you can’t find a post there, you could try my new search bar. Just type anything in and see if I’ve written about it.

I’ve added a few features to help you read and share my blog too. Some of you may be interested in the new Subscribe button. If you click it and type in your email address, you won’t have to remember to check back here every so often to see if I’ve posted: all my new posts will land right in your inbox the moment I hit the Publish button. If you like a post after you read it, you can share it on Twitter or Facebook by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the post, or email it to a friend (or yourself), or print it to keep for later (especially useful if you plan to try out a recipe).

I like to hear from you guys. It’s always nice to know that people are reading and enjoying my posts. To help you talk to me, I’ve added a rating system so you can let me know what posts you like, which ones you thought were just OK and which ones you think I really shouldn’t have written. (Don’t worry… it’s anonymous!) You can find that at the top of each post. And, of course, I love your comments, emails, Facebook messages, and tweets the most. Let me know if you try a recipe out or think it would be just a touch better with the addition of vegetables, for example.

You guys are awesome. Thanks for reading!


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