My lack of current readers is sad, especially after my month long marathon of posting in November, but I really can’t bring myself to post anything. No motivation for a worthwhile post. I have been cooking and baking, but not taking pictures and not thinking about blog posts as I consume chocolate and soup and tuna casserole. I haven’t been reading much, instead preferring to stare blankly out of grime-covered bus windows. We have been doing plenty; Christmas dinners with ham, gift exchanges, Christmas shopping. I am going to see Handel’s Messiah tonight, the epitome of Christmas. But nope, not sharing. Don’t wanna.

Come back in January.



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4 responses to “Hi?

  1. Sukhpreet

    I read your blog! (But I also understand your malaise.)

    • Yay! I know I actually have a good number of readers out there, but when I don’t post, they all disappear. Can’t blame ’em. Oh well. They’ll be back when I find more motivation.

  2. Fran

    I always read your blog posts J! My lack of comments is more to do with my lack of eloquent grouping of words. Your blogs make me laugh, and make me reminisce of the time Al and I where first married and living in the city and the things we did. I also envision when you describe your surroundings because i once oh so long along lived and breathed the city pulse of that area that you are in.
    Your life is getting into a routine of sorts. Christmas and the cities unlimited festive events you are able to attend has your mind and time occupied! Unlike us in the country, our mind and time is consumed about the never ending snow we are receiving and fact that we are confined to our homes cause of the inability to drive on closed roads.
    Oh the whirl wind of the city at Christmas!
    Oh the peace and comfort of the country at Christmas!
    Enjoy them both!

    • Fran, you have plenty of eloquence!

      I am very glad to hear you’ve been enjoying my blog. I have a feeling my area looks a lot different than when you were here. I should take some pictures of my ‘neighbourhood’ just so you can see how much it’s changed even just within the past 5 years!

      I can’t wait to spend a few days in the country. It’s definitely a different Christmas feel.

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