Finally! Canon Rebel XS

Last week, while visiting my parents, I shot some of the best pictures of food that I’ve taken in a long time. If you hadn’t noticed, the last few weeks, the quality of my shots have decreased dramatically. First, I ran out of batteries for my Kodak and was reluctant to buy another $15 pack of non-rechargeable lithiums. Then, we ran out of AAs for M’s camera, which couldn’t handle the somewhat low-light conditions of my kitchen anyway. For about two weeks, I resorted to my phone camera.

I know.


So, when I snapped a few photos with my parents’ camera — which is just a simple point-and-shoot — I went a little crazy with my camera disappointment. Such a simple camera blew all the cameras I own out of the water. It takes decent pictures, and has a rechargeable, reliable battery.

At first, I thought maybe it was time to just invest in a new point-and-shoot, one with a rechargeable battery pack, and throw my camera up on Kijiji. And then, I looked at our bank account and realized I never spent the last of my free money, the money M and I paid ourselves to do with what we wanted, money we could be a little irresponsible with, no questions asked if we wanted. That, combined with the ‘shoe fund’ my MIL gave me for Christmas, was just enough. When M threw in his full approval, thinking about the shots I can get of our house coming together, and once I had read enough reviews to feel decision-confident, I took the leap.

I have a lot of learning to do. A lot. But this is so exciting! I’ve been talking DSLRs for… years?

It’s about time.



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8 responses to “Finally! Canon Rebel XS

  1. Awesome! DSLRs give so much more options of how to take your photos! I look forward to future pictures!

    • I have discovered this! I am in love with the RAW format right now. Who would have thought that a picture I would have otherwise called garbage would come out so bright and clear?
      Do you have a favourite editing software?

      • Not yet. I don’t even have photoshop 😦

        All I use at this point is the Nikon software, which has a fair amount available for editing, but not like photoshop.

        I haven’t tried it for much, but Windows Live Gallery also has some editing features. I’ve used it for creating panoramas, and it works great!

      • Photoshop is too ridiculously expensive, especially when it’s just a hobby, I think. I’m contemplating GIMP though. Not quite as powerful, I’m sure, but probably better than the Canon software. As long as I can learn how to use it, that is.

  2. Very nice pics! I hope that you love your new DSLR and can’t wait to see more photos.

  3. Ryan Fox

    What’s up with the MIL and shoes? I remember at your party when she suggested I buy Amber new shoes…

  4. Ceska

    I spent several weeks reviewing the REBEL XS vs it’s many 10 MP adversaries, I even checked it against the ultra zooms as I wanted the convenience of video as well, but too many good things stood out with this camera and so I decided upon it.

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