About Jeanette

In 2011, Jeanette and Mark bought a tiny, run-down bungalow in the middle of Toronto and, even before getting the keys to the cracked wooden front door, Jeanette hit publish on the first of 3 years of blog posts about that little house and the renovations they lived through in it. Little did they realize, that even as they got older, moved past the renovation stage, added to their family and found themselves in the depths of parenthood, the name This Dusty House would remain forever relevant.

In 2016, the couple picked up their family and moved out of the city, into a smaller city and a 150 year old Victorian duplex. While there are renovations planned for this old beauty, at the moment, the dust that fills the corners of their home is more likely a mix of crayon wrappers, dog hair, and cracker dust, crumbled there by the little fingers of their two daughters, Isabel and Eden.

These days, Jeanette’s writing focus has shifted a bit. While she cringes at the idea that she might be a mommy blogger, she writes about a wide variety of topics surrounding children, parenthood, home life, and work-life balance. As a children’s librarian, topics about early literacy and working motherhood are particularly near and dear to her.