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So Close To Home

Today is the day! At 5:00 tonight, we drop by our lawyer’s office and pick up our keys. Our keys. To our house.

I know this blog ended up a little neglected the last time M and I did something really big. I’m going to try my very, very best to not let that happen again. Over the next month, I want to cover some reno friendly food and I may have some restaurant reviews to share as we explore our new neighbourhood. I also have some crocheting projects I want to get to and share with you, perhaps for in the evenings when I’m trying to relax after working hard from supper to bedtime. And my camera will never be far away.¬†So, I hereby challenge myself to keep you guys interested. Say, at least 2 posts a week? Our lives are going to largely revolve around drywall dust and bathroom fixtures, things that will fit more into our shared blog, but I know there will always be something I can post on.

And, if you’re not already planning on following our renovation adventure, you should be! Don’t forget to regularly check out This Dusty House to keep up with our progress. And, if you want to drop by and see the project yourself, just let us know! We like visitors.


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In less than two months, I’ve made it to 1000(+) hits! Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you’re enjoying my various ramblings and photographs.

Because I seem to have a bit of a base of readers, I thought I’d make it easier for everyone to see my blog. Until now, you had to click from your reader to my blog in order to get the whole (or any of) the post. You should no longer have to do that.

If you’re using Facebook as the main way to read my posts, I can’t guarantee it. My only recommendation is Google Reader!

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