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Brunch with Hipsters at Aunties and Uncles

My brother is visiting from SF with his girlfriend. I always like it when my brother comes to visit. This is the second time he decided to arrange his trip schedule in such a way that he spent some time in TO with me and M before we headed out to the country to join our parents. My brother and I used to have a terrible case of sibling rivalry but sometime, somehow, in the process of growing up, I actually started to enjoy spending time with him. And L is just fun.

I took work off Friday afternoon in order to actually be able to spend some time with them. We spent the day romping around the city, drinking coffees, checking out hipster knitting stores (post to come!), and riding street cars. To set our appropriate mood, we had breakfast at the most hipster place we know of in the city. (Not that we know of many hipster restaurants or haunts. We aren’t particularly hipster.)

Aunties and Uncles is one of those restaurants built into a hollowed out, 100-year-old house. Upstairs, you can still see where there used to be walls separating the space into bedrooms. It seems a little grungy, a feeling confirmed by the state of the bathroom upstairs. If I remember correctly from our first visit, the sink was held up by an old cane and the presence of the old, cracked and dirty family shower was a little disconcerting.

But in reality, all of that is part of the charm of the restaurant. It’s filled with authentic 50s memorabilia, covered in a thin layer of dust as if the whole place has been carefully preserved in time. Tables and chairs are mismatched, beat up, well-worn. Old suitcases, posters, toys, and knickknacks are packed up to the ceiling. The place is adorable.

Unfortunately, the service seems to be a little less adorable. We didn’t mind the wait to get a table. The entry way is rather cramped and, with staff moving between the rooms, inconvenient for everyone. And, we didn’t mind the wait for our order to be taken, especially since they were relatively quick with the coffees. We did, however, mind the wait for our food. Mostly because they forgot it. Or, rather, just mine. J and L sat with their food infront of them waiting for 5 minutes until I told them to go ahead and eat. My food was nowhere to be seen and our waiter hadn’t come around in a while. 10 minutes later, he made his rounds, saw the empty table infront of me and turned in annoyance toward the kitchen. Since the kitchen is open to the rest of the restaurant, we quite audibly head the cursing response of the kitchen staff.

5 minutes later my BLT finally sat infront of me.

Simple, delicious. Mmm… bacon.

And that salad? Their vinegrette is delicious.

Here’s something that’s not quite so charming: they don’t take plastic. This doesn’t exactly work for someone like me who doesn’t carry cash for reasons of cash flow control — I am far less likely to get coffee or make impulse purchases on little things if I have to swipe a card to do it. It didn’t exactly work for the American and Almost-American sitting across the table from me either. I left them there and scurried down the street to the Scotiabank on the corner, spent the extra $1.50 with a cringe to withdraw cash from a bank that is not my own and scurried back so we could get away from the restaurant we had already spent too much time at.

Bottom line: They’re hipster and they know they’re hipster. But they’re friendly. It’s a warm, relaxed atmosphere. My stomach thought maybe a little too relaxed. But they make good breakfast food and just for that, the next time an almost-hipster friend comes to town, or even a not-at-all-hipster friend comes to visit, I’d gladly take them there. I’ll just remember to bring enough cash next time.


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The Driving Tourist: Ottawa!

A story:

The administration of my elementary school made some very very poor choices. There’s always a grade 7 trip. For years, it was to Quebec City. My sister, five years older than me, went there. For my brother, three years older, they downgraded somewhat to Ottawa. I was disappointed that they stopped doing Quebec City, but I was still excited about the idea of Ottawa. And finally, it was my turn.

They sent us here.

No, I’m not kidding. Someone along the line decided it would be a good idea to¬†fore go teaching us about Canadian culture or history and instead stuck us in¬†graffitied cabins with gross bathrooms and made us sing camp songs and do arts and crafts and climb ropes.

As a result, born and raised in Canada, and Ontario at that, at the age of 22, I had never seen the parliament buildings. Seriously, I got ripped off.

So, when M and I had one of his family Christmases near Ottawa, I requested a drive-by.

The teeny tiny Canadian flag on top looks kind of funny. But, there she is!


The angel watching over the soldiers on the cenataph.

We stopped once to look at Quebec.



And then, we drove around the wasted space that is the aviation museum.


Lots and lots of little planes.

Even though we kind of faked out as tourists, it was a lot of fun. JO, a friend of ours on a co-op term in Ottawa came along, and it was really good to see him and hang out again. M and I decided Ottawa is a nice city and, despite being really far away from everyone, probably preferable over the blob that is Toronto.


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An announcement

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA for the past week. Most of you know why. For those of you who don’t, remember how I caught the bouquet at my cousin’s wedding last week?

And now:

M had a carefully orchestrated proposal ready for me when I arrived to visit him on Friday. The ring doesn’t fit and until we can get to the jeweller’s, is being held on by the only other ring I wear, which I usually wear on the same finger of the opposite hand.

The weekend that followed is one of the best in my memory. We galavanted all over the city.

Saw some amazing street artists.

I tossed a dollar in his supply box as a thank you for letting me take his picture.

I tossed a dollar in his supply box as a thank you for letting me take his picture.

Wandered down the the waterfront and sat on the ‘beach’.

Hopped a free ride on the Island Airport ferry and took enough pictures of the Toronto skyline, which probably made it seem like we’d never seen the CN tower before.

We walked a good 15km the first day, another 7 the next and at least another 5 on the Monday. Our calves ached every morning when we woke up, but we had nothing else to do but go back out. It was a delightful weekend of holding hands, talking about the future (it’s not quite so scary anymore!) and thinking about preliminary wedding planning.

World, I am ridiculously happy.


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